Keeping regular dental exams and checkups can help ensure that you avoid many of the dental health issues that can arise.

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older-dental-patientA visit to the dentist is usually pretty far down on most people’s list when it comes to things they enjoy. In some cases, it can even rate pretty high on their list of most dreaded or unpleasant experiences! This is due to the unfortunate fact that many people do not visit their dentist until something goes wrong. Keeping regular dental exams and checkups can help ensure that you avoid many of the dental health issues that can arise. The caring staff at Buckner Family Dental understands that many patients feel some trepidation when it comes to sitting in the dental chair, and work diligently to ensure that each and every patient is as comfortable as possible during their visit. If you’ve been putting off your dental checkups, wait no longer.

Is a dental exam really necessary?

Yes. Even if you aren’t experiencing any dental health issues currently, it is important to maintain a schedule of dental checkups every six to 12 months in order to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy. Avoiding your dental exams gives dental issues you may not have noticed yet time to become worse. It could also cause new dental health issues, because you will not be receiving the preventive care that your dentist provides during regular visits. Even patients with dentures still need to visit their dentist regularly to ensure that their dentures still fit properly, and to assess any gum or bone loss that may be occurring.

What can I expect during a regular dental exam?

During a regular dental exam, your dentist will evaluate your oral hygiene and overall dental health. Potential issues such as your risk for developing gum disease or bone disease will also be evaluated. Any existing dental health issues such as tooth decay, deposits and stains on teeth, and dental root issues will also be assessed to see if they need treatment. X-rays may be taken of your teeth as well. IF your dentist notices any oral hygiene issues, they will educate you on proper practices and procedures as well as ensure you’re getting the proper amount of fluoride. If any treatments are needed, your dentist will most likely schedule them at this time.

Regular dental exams are the key to preventive care that can ensure good overall oral health. Catching dental issues early is important to prevent them from worsening and becoming a larger problem. The caring staff at Buckner Family Dental works hard to ensure that every patient is made as comfortable as possible during their visits, and do their best to ensure your checkup is as stress-free as possible. Schedule your appointment today by calling our Dallas dentist at 214-328-3595 and keep your smile looking its best and brightest.

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