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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Dallas

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Wisdom teeth removal is a procedure where our dentist will remove your wisdom teeth before they could potentially become painful. Call our Dallas dental clinic if you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain and need a consultation to see if you should have them extracted. Our team of experienced professionals will assess your wisdom teeth and provide you with effective treatment options to help avoid any further pain.

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    Wisdom teeth removal

    Before any tooth extraction, your dentist will take x-rays. This may have also been done at a previous appointment to determine the need the removal. The tooth and surrounding tissue is numbed using a local anesthetic injected into the gums. Some patients that are particularly anxious about the procedure may also receive some form of sedation. Once the local anesthetic has taken full effect, your dentist will use specialist tools to loosen the connective tissue surrounding the tooth. Another set of dental tools are then used to actually remove the tooth. Your dentist may decide that stitches will improve healing. The stitches are dissolvable and shouldn’t create any additional discomfort.

    Additional surgery

    Sometimes removing a wisdom tooth requires a small surgical procedure. As the procedure is a little more invasive, it is common to receive at least a mild sedation in surgical cases. If the wisdom tooth is covered over by gum tissue, the dental surgeon will make a small incision in order to expose the tooth. They will then proceed as described above, by loosening the connective tissue around the tooth and removing it using specialist instruments. If the tooth is fully impacted it will be covered by bone. The dental surgeon will use a small handheld drill to clear the bone from around the tooth. They may also use the drill to divide the tooth into sections to avoid it breaking unpredictably during the final extraction stages. If a wisdom tooth breaks then each piece has to be removed separately and it may require further drilling and a deeper incision into the gum tissue.

    What to expect after your wisdom teeth removal

    We will provide you detailed instructions on how to take care of your wisdom teeth after removal. Depending on the wisdom teeth extraction, you may be prescribed a pain killer to help with discomfort. Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure at Buckner Family Dental that is done by a highly-trained professional. Do not hesitate to call us if you have questions about your wisdom teeth!

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