Advances in cosmetic dentistry and in dental technology have greatly improved the range of services available at most dental offices.

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Advances in cosmetic dentistry and in dental technology have greatly improved the range of services available at most dental offices. This is especially true in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Today, millions of Americans are turning to cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve the look of their smile. Here at Buckner Family Dental we have a number of state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry services to help ensure that you are able to show the world the happy, bright, and wonderful smile you’ve always envisioned.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

While traditional dentistry remains focused on the prevention, identification, and treatment of oral and dental disease, cosmetic dentistry is focused on improving the overall look and quality of your smile. Today, even procedures thought of as strictly the realm of general dentistry may be thought of as cosmetic. Getting a cavity filled, for example, may fall into the realm of cosmetic dentistry, especially when materials such as composite fillings are used. Other procedures typically thought of as essential that fall into the realm of cosmetic dentistry may include:

Improve your smile

Of course, traditional cosmetic procedures are still performed, but are greatly improved. This includes orthodontics which straighten your teeth. Today procedures such as Invisalign allow even adults to have a straighter smile without the traditional look of braces. Additionally, teeth whitening procedures such as Zoom Whitening allow you to brighten the look of your teeth and improve the overall quality of your smile. Other procedures you may consider include:

Why cosmetic dentistry?

Choosing to have any cosmetic procedure done is a deeply personal choice, and it is no different where cosmetic dentistry is concerned. Your smile is often the first thing that the world will notice about you, whether you’re meeting someone new in person, applying for a new job, or simply introducing yourself online. The quality of your smile can help form a person’s initial opinions about you. If you refrain from showing your teeth when you smile, it can lead to a perception of you as a less than open, friendly person.

Here at the Dallas dental office of Buckner Family Dental we are committed to helping you fix any dental issues that may be causing you to hide your smile, from a simple teeth whitening or chipped tooth to a more complicated procedure like a full smile makeover. If you have dental issues and are wondering if a cosmetic dentistry procedure is right for you, call our office today to schedule a free consultation. Our caring professional dentist can identify any existing dental issues and recommend any necessary as well as a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments. In many cases, the two can be combined and performed in one visit. Why wait to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted? Call our office today and let our staff help you gain the bright, wonderful smile you have always wished for.


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