Your wedding day smile will live forever in the photos and wedding albums, so you’ll want to make sure your smile is the best it can be.

Wedding Smile Makeovers



Your wedding day is one of the biggest day of your life, whether you’re a bride or a groom. Unfortunately, most couples about to be married don’t consider the fact that they’re unhappy with their smile until it’s too late to do anything about it. While trying to plan the guest list, pick out the perfect dress and tuxedo, and decide on color schemes and themes, don’t let having a great smile slip through the cracks. Your wedding day smile will live forever in the photos and wedding albums, so you’ll want to make sure your smile is the best it can be. We at Buckner Family Dental want to help ensure that it is with a wedding smile makeover.

What issues can a wedding smile makeover correct?

A wedding smile makeover can correct a number of dental issues to help you have your best smile on your big day, including:

  • Improper Bite
  • Uneven Teeth
  • Missing Teeth
  • Cracked Teeth
  • Chipped Teeth

Here at Buckner Family Dental, our state of the art techniques in cosmetic dentistry can help brighten your smile and ensure that you are proud of the way your teeth look on your special day.

What treatments are involved in a wedding smile makeover?

There are a number of different treatments that may be performed during a wedding smile makeover. Because each person’s bite is unique, the specific treatments involved in each smile makeover will vary. Invisalign, Lumineers, Veneers, shaping techniques, and dental implants are all treatments that may be used in a smile makeover. Before treatments begin, you’ll have a consultation at Buckner Family Dental where our experienced and professional dentist will help develop a customized smile makeover treatment plan that will give you the smile you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and family on your big day.

When should I schedule my wedding smile makeover?

Ideally, you should schedule your wedding smile makeover well in advance to ensure that your smile is at the best it can be by your wedding day. Some issues such as misalignment, disproportionate teeth, or improper spacing need to be handled well in advance. Simpler treatments such as whitening and veneers can be done as late as a few weeks before the wedding. Ideally, you should schedule your consultation as soon as possible so that you can ensure that your treatments are completed before your wedding day, allowing you to have the perfect smile for your big day.

Is a smile makeover the ideal choice?

Most people look forward to their wedding day for quite some time. Usually, you have some idea of how you are going to look long before the day arrives; maybe even years before. What most don’t consider is that your smile is just as important as your clothing and decorations on your wedding day. Your smile is an important part of your overall look. Your smile is what will give you that overall glowing, happy look on your wedding day and show your joy to your partner. A wedding smile makeover is an excellent way to make sure your smile is just as bright as you want it to be.

Don’t wait; call us today at 214-328-3595 and schedule your consultation appointment today to ensure you can show your best smile on your wedding day. Our Dallas dentist Jaime Osorio DDS can explain more about how the process works.

We want to improve your overall dental care and build your best smile.


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