There are many treatments available today that can whiten your teeth and allow you to have the bright and confident smile that you’ve always wanted.

Tooth Discoloration



Many people feel that their smile is affected by tooth discoloration. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. There are many treatments available today that can whiten your teeth and allow you to have the bright and confident smile that you’ve always wanted.

Here at Buckner Family Dental, our experienced dental staff can help you smile openly again without worrying about how your teeth look. Whether you’re concerned about an upcoming event or occasion, or simply want to be able to have an upbeat, confident smile for every day, our whitening treatments are safe and effective.


Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration can be caused by a number of different environmental factors. Over time, the food that we eat and the drinks we consume can stain and discolor our teeth. Soda, coffee, and dark teas are particularly known for this. Juice and wine can also cause tooth discoloration. As we age, the enamel of our teeth becomes thinner, which also has a discoloring effect as the yellow dentin below becomes more visible. Other causes of tooth discoloration include oral trauma, chewing tobacco, and smoking.

Types of Whitening Treatments

There are a number of different whitening treatments available that can help correct tooth discoloration, depending on cause and severity. While over-the-counter products can be tempting due to their low price, most take several treatments before you begin to see results, and even then those results can be mediocre. Having a whitening procedure done by your dentist is the safest and most effective way to correct tooth discoloration. Your dentist can provide you with a number of whitening options including:

  • At home treatments
  • In office whitening
  • Zoom whitening
  • KOR whitening

No matter how stained or discolored your teeth are, we have a whitening treatment that will work for you.

How Whitening Works

Teeth become discolored when the outermost layer of your teeth and pores within your tooth enamel become stained. Tooth whitening treatments remove these stains in order to give you a whiter, brighter smile. Your dentist can use a whitening solution in his office, or give you a whitening kit to use at home to accomplish this. In some cases, your dentist may need to bleach a tooth from the inside.

Once your teeth have been whitened, it’s important to remember that they can become stained again. To keep your smile looking bright longer, be sure to engage in good oral hygiene, and avoid food and drink that may stain your teeth. This will ensure that your smile stays bright and white for as long as possible.

For more information on the teeth whitening services we offer and how they can help you achieve your best and brightest smile, please call our Dallas dentist Jaime Osorio DDS  at Buckner Family Dental today at  214-328-3595 and let us schedule your tooth whitening consultation as the first step towards a brighter, whiter smile.

We want to improve your overall dental care and build your best smile.


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