Dental crowns are used to repair a number of different issues. When a tooth becomes weakened by decay, a dental crown can help protect the tooth and keep it from breaking.

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Over time, teeth can become worn down or damaged by decay. At times they may even chip or break. Unfortunately, many people put off calling the dentist for these issues, because they aren’t painful (or the pain comes and goes), or they don’t feel the damage is severe enough to warrant a trip to the dentist. Any damage to a tooth is serious, and a dental crown can help. It may be that you feel that you don’t have time for a dental visit, or maybe you’re afraid or embarrassed. Whatever the reason you’ve been delaying, delay no longer. The kind and caring professionals at Buckner Family Dental can schedule an appointment to repair your teeth on your schedule, and get you on your way with a bright, completely pain-free smile once more.

What can a dental crown fix?

Dental crowns are used to repair a number of different issues. When a tooth becomes weakened by decay, a dental crown can help protect the tooth and keep it from breaking. If a tooth has already broken, a dental crown can hold it together and prevent further damage. Teeth that have been worn down from tooth grinding or use can be repaired using a dental crown as well. Crowns may also be used to support dental fillings in severely damaged teeth, or to keep dental bridges firmly in place.

In addition to these, dental crowns can serve a cosmetic purpose as well. If you have a dental implant, or teeth that are improperly shaped, a dental crown can give you a more pleasing and natural appearance. They may also be used to cover individual teeth that are severely discolored in instances where normal tooth whitening doesn’t help.

What is the process for getting a dental crown?

Your dentist will need to examine your teeth and take x-rays to determine the extent of damage before fitting you with a dental crown. You may need to undergo a root canal or have a filling placed if the damage is extensive. Once that is done, your dentist will numb the tooth and file the tooth down to prepare it for the crown. An impression of the tooth and surrounding area will be made, and a temporary crown will be put into place while the impression is sent to a dental laboratory where the permanent crown will be made.

While your temporary dental crown is in place, there are some special procedures that you will need to follow. It will be important to avoid chewing anything sticky, such as caramel or chewing gum, and you’ll want to stay away from extremely hard or crunchy foods to avoid inadvertently dislodging the temporary crown. You will also want to avoid chewing on that side of your mouth as much as possible. While the temporary crown is in place, extra care will need to be taken when brushing and flossing as well. During your final visit, the permanent dental crown will be put into place using dental cement.

What care does a dental crown require?

Your permanent dental crown should be cared for with ordinary oral hygiene such as regular brushing and flossing. You’ll want to be sure to schedule regular check ups with your dentist so they can be sure your crown and overall dental health are as good as they can be.

If you have a tooth that has been broken or is decayed, it is important that you have it fixed right away in order to avoid further damage and discomfort. Call Buckner Family Dental today at 214-328-3595 and let us schedule your appointment. Our caring, trained staff is ready to help. Our Dallas dentist Jaime Osorio DDS is ready to help maintain your oral health.

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